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Changes/ Product description

They do reserve the rights of suspending/ cancelling  or discontinuing any or all of its products or services at any point of time without further notice, they can modify  and alterations on specific product on the site without any notice. In case if any product showcased is not similar to one received your sole remedy would be to return the product to us without using it within 7 days of delivery.

Online AMC and purchasing

 They would be taking direct services and maintenance of products, after it is certified to be in appropriate and good condition before commencement of the contract. Before moving ahead with the AMC working, they would be checking the item and based on it conditions the services would be decided along with the charges.

Risk for Loss

All the items purchased from their site are made pursuant to the shipment and dispatch contract. It refers that the overall risks with respect to loss and the title for such items pass to you upon delivery to the courier or carrier.


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