Our Footprints

S.L Technologies are focusing on reverse osmosis which is based on water treatment components, Manufacturing and trading water purification industry in India and R.O System import. They are having experience of more than 5 years with respect to treatment of water due to which they deal with production and import of suitable components to customers. They are having tie-ups with international and national brands supply and at the same point of time it is developing capabilities of producing or manufacturing products.

They are remarkable manufacturers of different products like inline carbons, RO bodies, inline sediments, inline antiscalers, prefilter housing, iron removers, SMPS, adaptors, S.S skids etc. They are one of the leading manufacturers of products of water purification and are providing world class advanced “Reserve Osmosis Drinking water purifier” for OEM branding and private labelling. Such products are provided at competitive rate and rapid speed according to customer demand. They are providing the best treatment of water for Indian Industry.

They have the team which is capable of handling research and does come up with different and innovative means for improvising the RO technology of purification and do comes up with new technologies which are cost-effective and feasible economically as well.

They have been pioneers in the industry of security surveillance like that of Dome Cameras, IP Cameras, C Mount Cameras, Standalone DVR’s, and IR vision Cameras and so on.

They have emerged as prominent suppliers for security and water purification techniques and equipments under the successful guidance of Mr. Harish Agarwal. They have carved their presence into the market nationally and internationally both. Under the suitable guidance of Mr Agarwal, company has acquired ample branding in the market and seems to be growing at rapid rate.

They are expert in handling RO spare systems which does includes- RO Systems- PH Enhancers, RO system- Elbow fitting, RO systems-body Cabinets, RO systems-Solenoid valves and many more.  They have extended their business across different countries like China, Taiwan, UK, US, Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. They are inclined towards providing high end quality products and working on latest technologies. They are able to handle it because of the rich experience of the specific domain in which they are working. RO systems are manufactured based on the international standards and also keep in mind that hygiene design should be taken care of with regards to Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry. Some of the RO systems which are in high demand are as under- RO water system- 6 stage, RO &UV water purifiers, RO systems -9 stage etc.

They could be contacted at any point of time span either via mail, query or just a single call. They do ensure that whatever services they are providing should be of high end quality and solutions at a single call without any issues. They are ready to accept challenges and research with respect to products with respect to water purifier and security services. The solutions are provided to clients in stipulated time span without much of delay.